Grow Your Own Lion’s Mane Mushroom Kit

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  • Grow Your Own Lion's Mane
  • Up to 4 lbs per a kit
  • Made in the USA
  • We use this exact strain to grow our own prize winning Lion's Mane Mushrooms, used in gourmet restaurants across the USA.

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Dimensions 10 × 4 × 4.5 in

5 reviews for Grow Your Own Lion’s Mane Mushroom Kit

  1. Cookin’ Mama

    I have recently wanted to start taking Lion’s Mane mushroom everyday as a supplement for brain cell growth and for use against inflammation. Plus I heard that it tastes like lobster which is a plus because I can get the flavor of lobster without actually having to kill a lobster which is sad.

    I had some issues with shipping. USPS lost my package. I e-mailed Detroit Mushroom Company and asked if they would refund me or send me a new bag. They ended up having to send me a refund. Apparently USPS won’t allow them to file a claim which I think is complete BS because when I went to the post office they told me to ask the company to file a claim with USPS. I know how much time and work it takes to colonize substrate and that can be limited in quantity. I am not happy about USPS losing a company’s package and expecting them to just lose money because of their mistake. They issued me a refund and I am very grateful. I will definitely purchase again from this company to support them. Maybe it was a loss on their part for refunding me on something that wasn’t their fault but they have gained my business moving forward.

  2. Sara Stevens

    Felt I should do a second review on this product. I’ve had this a few weeks now and just harvested my mushrooms and tried them out. Not quite the same as the lion’s mane I find out in the woods but still really good. I included photo of the one I found out in the woods and the ones I harvested from the kit

  3. Brian

    I’ve purchased Lion’s mane before and this strain of Lion’s Mane is outstanding!

    The spawn bag arrived a bit late due to a screw up by USPS, not seller’s fault. Spawn bag appeared to be under colonized so I contacted the seller, they assured me it would be okay so I slit the bag and initiated fruiting. A few weeks later and it’s putting out massive amounts of Lion’s Mane.

    This is a very agressive and productive strain of Lion’s Mane.

    The company’s customer support is superb! And their Lion’s Mane is excellent and fast growing.

    I’ll be ordering again from this company. Highly recommended.

  4. Jessica

    I absolutely love this kit; it has everything you need. When it arrived it already had significant fruiting body growth. After a week, I noticed the bag seemed to be growing more on top so I cut the top of the bag off at the same level as the slits and put the block in the cello bag using a clothespin to keep it closed (allowing some gaps for air exchange). After harvesting mushrooms, new fruiting bodies appear in a few days. Thank you for making this wonderful product!

  5. Danny G

    I bought a kit and with two simple cuts in the all in one grow bag, and a daily spritz with the supplied spray bottle, you’re on your way. I don’t have any mushrooms yet but I expect to get them in the time the company indicated. So excited to be growing these tasty, incredibly nutritious mushrooms at-home!

    Highly recommended!

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  • Grow Your Own Lion’s Mane
  • Up to 4 lbs per a kit
  • Made in the USA
  • We use this exact strain to grow our own prize winning Lion’s Mane Mushrooms, used in gourmet restaurants across the USA.