How do I know when the mushrooms are ready to be picked?

The edges of the mushrooms will start to yellow or dry out, that means they are ready for harvest!

Will the mushrooms continue to grow after I pick them?

Yes, our kits will often fruit 2-3 times after the first harvest.

How often should I mist them?

You should mist them twice a day daily.

Do they need sunlight?

Place the kits somewhere where they will receive ample sunlight.

Will they produce spores?

Yes, our Mushroom kits will produce spores which can stick to clothing or other surfaces.

Does it matter which side of the bag I make a hole in?

The mushrooms will grow out the path of least resistance, so no matter where you place the slits, mushrooms will grow out. However, we recommend the side of the bag.

What are the mushroom blocks made up of?

A premium blend of proprietary fruiting substrate comprised of soybean hulls and sawdust.

My Lion’s Mane look more like coral than long and stringy. What gives?

That means your mushrooms aren’t receiving enough oxygen.